Annual Fund

The Crusader Annual Fund is unrestricted and runs from  July 1st to June 30th each year. It provides financial support for academics, extra-curricular programs, faculty, facilities and much more.

Ways to give

Please consider becoming a donor today with a monthly donation to Bergen Catholic.

Please contact Marge Quinn at 201-634-4142 or if you would like more information about making a difference in the lives of our students.

Other Funds

Some investors may choose to direct their gifts into one or more of Bergen Catholic’s restricted funds. Each of these restricted funds has a single, unique purpose that combine to provide B.C. students with the high-quality education the school has become known for throughout its marketplace!

Financial Aid & Scholarship Funds

With the ever-rising cost of tuition comes the need for the school to provide financial assistance to our more needy, but capable, students. At the same time, the school desires to offer limited scholarships to the most meritorious students to recognize their accomplishments. Your investment in the lives of our students can take many forms in the area of financial aid or scholarships. Whether you choose to add to an existing endowment fund (or fund your own) OR give to an ‘annual’ financial aid or scholarship fund (where your gift is expended each year), know that your investment will touch our students in a special way.

Tuition Assistance Fund

Investments in this Fund will be used to provide financial assistance to worthy and capable students who wish to attend Bergen Catholic but are not financially able to do so. Bergen Catholic currently provides over $384,000 in financial aid to our students and the need for assistance increases each year. Your gift to this Fund is a direct investment in the future of a young man here at Bergen, enabling academically qualified students the opportunity to experience an outstanding Bergen Catholic education. It is also an investment in a better future for all of us!


In addition to making a gift to the Tuition Assistance Fund, certain donors may wish to “Adopt-A-Student” by agreeing to give a minimum of 50% of the cost of tuition for a consecutive four-year period. This program is designed to be a conduit for continuing Br. Edmund Rice’s vision for Catholic education by helping students that may not otherwise be able to receive a Bergen Catholic education attend the school.

B.C. Arts Fund

This fund seeks investors who care about the recents arts initiatives undertaken as a result of our last strategic plan. Funds will be used to promote the visual and graphic arts and will supplement the school’s budget for these initiatives. Note: Bergen Catholic has a full-time visual arts teacher and a national arts honor society.

B.C. Capital Fund

Contributions to the B.C. Capital Fund are restricted for the ongoing funding of past or future major building additions and/or major renovations to existing facilities or grounds. Some ‘possible’ examples of future needs could include: a music and arts addition, a theater, a second gymnasium, major plant expenditures for new roofs, land acquisition to achieve a larger ‘footprint’ at our current site, additional fields for intramural and team use, and classroom technological upgrades.

B.C. Library Fund

This fund seeks investors to improve and expand our library resources each year. Funds will be used to purchase books, periodicals, and for other media needs to maintain and enhance our students’ access to educational information.

B.C. Performing Arts Fund

Investments to this fund will be used to buy musical instruments, equipment and supplies to further enhance our Jazz Ensemble and other musical, theatrical and performing arts groups at Bergen Catholic.

B.C. Technology Fund

Contributions to this fund are used for the continual upgrading of technology throughout the school for students, faculty and staff.

Campus Ministry Fund

Investments in this fund will assist our Campus Ministry Program as deemed necessary and appropriate by our full-time Campus Minister.

“Crusader” Magazine Fund

Gifts to this fund will help to defray some of the costs for this comprehensive, community-wide magazine.

Crusader Promenade Brick Fund

Select this fund if you would like to purchase a brick in Crusader Promenade, located at field level of Crusader Stadium, immediately east of the Saingas Center.

Guidance Department Fund

This fund seeks investments to enable the Guidance Department to attract appropriate speakers for the student community, covering various guidance and wellness topics, via appearance stipends, travel expenses, et al.

Missions in Peru Fund

You gave to the Missions in Peru when you were a B.C. student. Now, you can continue to give to the Missions and support the good work of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers in one of the poorest of third-world countries.