50-50 Raffle Form Page


2,000 tickets sold
$200,000.00 raised

Progress 92%

The Bergen Catholic Raffle for 2020 is now open. No tickets will be mailed to you this year. You need to purchase your ticket(s) online or return the form filled out that was mailed to you recently. Please be sure to include the name(s) you want on the ticket(s). We will fill the ticket(s) out and mail you your portion.

Thank you for your support. Good Luck!

Please support Bergen Catholic today by purchasing 1 or more 2020 50/50 Raffle Tickets. Only 2000 tickets will be sold. You have two chances to win a prize! The first ticket drawn will receive 35% of the total sold. The second ticket drawn will receive 15% of the total sold. Please be sure to list name(s) you want on your ticket(s). We will write the ticket(s) out for you. You will be mailed the purchaser’s portion of the ticket after purchase. We appreciate your support. Thank you very much. Good Luck!